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Giadha A. DeCarcer is the Founder of New Frontier Data, the premier data, analytics, and technology firm specializing in the global cannabis industry. Founding New Frontier Data in 2014, DeCarcer grew the company from a $25,000 one-person-based startup, to an over $150 Million Dollars-valued enterprise, with more than 100 employees across three continents, and built one of the most trusted and respected brands in the space today, crossing 20 billions in earned media reach worldwide within its first five years of operation.

An entrepreneur with three decades of experience in business strategy, execution, management, and business development, DeCarcer began her career in banking, and progressed to technology, data analytics, intelligence collection and reporting, and emerging markets across multiple domestic and international sectors.

DeCarcer has launched, built, and operated five data-centric businesses, including disruptive technologies for the innovation behind Progressive’s Snapshot and Verizon’s Hum. A seasoned professional in government and commercial intelligence data collection and analysis, she is considered an expert in strategic positioning and risk management in emerging high-growth markets. The convergence of these core focus areas, along with unwavering entrepreneurial
drive, have defined Giadha’s career and her vision for New Frontier Data and subsequent cutting edge firms in the cannabis space globally.
DeCarcer and her work have been featured in Forbes, Fortune, CNBC, Fox News, CNN, Bloomberg, WSJ, and many other prominent news outlets worldwide, as well as in documentaries and books, including “Mary Janes,” “The Marijuana Show,” “The Great Green Gold Rush,” and “Breaking the Grass Ceiling.” She was listed as one of the 20 Most Influential Women in Cannabis by Greendorphin and has also been designated as one of Washingtonian Magazine's Most Influential People in the DC-Area Weed Business and one of The Most Powerful Women to watch in D.C. She is a two-time Stevie Awards “Maverick of the Year” recipient, a 2019 Ernst & Young “Entrepreneur of the Year” finalist and Moxie Award nominee, and a winner of the Washington Business Journal’s 2019 Women Who Mean Business Award.

Her commitment to education and information-sharing inspired her to create The
InterCannAlliance (ICA) in 2018. The ICA is a New Frontier Data-led initiative to foster best practices and knowledge sharing amongst newly-emerging cannabis markets, introducing what she has coined the “Nine Foundational Pillars” of a healthy and stable cannabis sector. Her continuous pursuit of knowledge has remained the ultimate constant throughout her life and career, also illustrated in her many mentoring and volunteering efforts such as the creation of Women Entrepreneurship Reinforcement (WeR), a program designed to mentor and coach female entrepreneurs establishing their first businesses.

In 2022, DeCarcer was invited to keynote at the United Nations in New York City to bring awareness to the Environmental, Social, and Governance questions emerging in the cannabis space, highlighting the industry’s opportunity to be a catalyst of positive change, both within the industry and across adjacent markets, as cannabis adoption expands beyond recreational use, into maturing medical and industrial applications.

DeCarcer is fluent in five languages including French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese. Born in Italy, raised in France and Spain, she earned an Associate Degree in Business Administration from Miami Dade Community College, a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations & Trade from the University of Pennsylvania, a Master of Arts in International Security from the Edmund Walsh
School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University, and attended Harvard Kennedy School’s Executive and Leadership Development Program.

Giadha A. DeCarcer’s Notable Publications include:
Jun. 2018: “Out Of The Stovepipe And Into The Light, The Cannabis Tech Boom”

Oct. 2018: “The Age Of Hemp: Global Advanced Industrial Applications”

Dec. 2019: “Adtech In The Age Of Digital Cannabis: Accessing The Next Frontier Of Consumers”

Jul. 2020: “Mining The Tech Terrain For Gold In Legal Cannabis Markets”

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