Fabian Bong

Data Scientist
Brief info

Fabian Bong is an international student at Dalhousie University with a BSc. in Computer Science and Chemistry who is currently pursuing a MSc. in Bioinformatics. As a high achieving undergraduate student, Fabian was awarded the Killam Graduate Scholarship and the Nova Scotia Graduate Scholarship to continue his academic career in graduate studies. Currently, Fabian is working on his thesis with a focus on introducing and improving methods for unsupervised, exploratory data analysis as well as error modelling. Fabian’s strengths lie in modelling and exploring high, complex data using a breadth of statistical methods. He has proven his expertise by participating and scoring high in competitions sponsored by the university or online platforms such as Kaggle.

Fabian’s career journey started in 2014 at 15 when he moved to Canada from Germany as an exchange student and ultimately attended university in Canada in 2018. During his college years, Fabian developed a strong academic and social standing and received a variety of awards and prizes in his first years. Since 2019, Fabian has been actively working part-time in addition to his classes to start and grow his professional experience and support his studies. Starting from customer service to developing models for the detection of cancer in children, Fabian has had the chance to experience a wide variety of jobs and work environments allowing him to be highly adaptable and well-rounded.

In his free time, Fabian enjoys being active and social while also taking time to read and educate himself. At nights he loves to watch hockey and follow the Halifax Mooseheads as well as the Montreal Canadiens with his girlfriend.