Dotan Y. Melech

Chief Executive Officer
Brief info

Dotan Y. Melech is the President and co-Founder of United AMS and United CMC. Specializing in receivership, business consulting, turnaround and bankruptcy. Mr. Melech is a seasoned Court Appointed Receiver and a former Federal Bankruptcy Trustee, appointed in several districts and federal courts. He has successfully administered thousands of complex receiverships, and bankruptcy cases; resulting in significant recovery to creditors.

To name a few: Nuveda, LLC vs. 4Front Advisors, LLC American Pacific Corporation, US Bank vs. Pinnacle Realty, Inc., Montague Estate, Guzy vs. Guzy, Aloian vs. DMA Financial, Bassat vs.
Belinski, Prime Health Home Choice, Inc., Global Commodities, Inc., Bank of America vs.
Mona/Emerald Suites, Citi Bank vs. Campaige Place, Modesto Gas Station and C- Store, AAA
Quality Self Storage, and F&M Bank vs. Augusta Edward Burges.

Furthermore, throughout Mr. Melech’s professional career, he co-founded and co-managed successful businesses in the fields of information technology, real estate, finance, valuation, and manufacturing. Prior to his professional career, Mr. Melech completed an 8-year military career at the rank of captain. His public and private sector experience, and education, provides Mr. Melech with the necessary tools and skills to administer complex cases effectively, efficiently, and productively.

Representative Experience

Nuveda, LLC vs. 4Front Advisors, LLC Appointed Receiver over CWNevada a vertically integrated cannabis business that consisted of 14 privileged licenses across, Cultivation, Production, Retail and Distribution. This highly complex, multi-year project spanned many facets of the cannabis industry including, but not limited to, regulatory, compliance, governmental, finance, operation, sale, marketing, banking, compliance, security, branding, and
information technology. Managed operations and security issues. Successfully stabilized the asset, which resulted in a higher than expected recovery to the creditors.

Montague Collection Appointed as Chapter 7 Trustee over one of the largest privately owned African American collection of original documents and memorabilia. This case administration demonstrated creativity, resourcefulness and goal-oriented approach. The Trustee kept the collection intact for public display, and with very limited resources was able to complete a sale and distribution of 100% of claims to unsecured creditors. The collection is currently available for public display.

Guzy vs. Guzy Appointed Receiver to collect on a judgment by the Judgment Creditor. Collected 100% including Receiver's Costs and Fees.

Global Commodities, Inc. Mr. Melech was hired by Bank of America as a Business Consultant to oversee, and make recommendations, on commodities export and import brokerage company. The Consultant’s effort introduced over 98% recovery for the benefit of creditors in less than 6 months.

Aloian vs. DMA Financial Appointed Receiver over a failing financial/consumer lending company. Currently making significant distributions to creditors (monthly) and administering the collections on multiple judgments on behalf of Estate.

US Bank vs. Executive Park Appointed Receiver over a large commercial asset. Managed operations, improved occupancy and stabilized the asset’s financial performance. US Bank engaged Receiver as an Asset Manager post receivership to further improve the asset’s operations and assist in its marketing and liquidation.

Bank of America vs. Mona/Emerald Suites Appointed Receiver over two hotels/motels operations. Managed operations, marketing, sales, budgets and overall performance. Doubled net operating income in less than a year, which resulted in near full recovery to creditors.

Prime Health Home Choice, Inc. Appointed Chapter 11 Trustee over a highly regulated health care company providing home health care and nursing services. Oversaw operations, evaluated budgets and financing alternatives (DIP). Closely oversaw the business regulatory requirements and assisted in developing its marketing and sales programs.

Various Bankruptcy Liquidation Appointed as a Chapter 7 Trustee by the USTO on over 8,800 cases; evaluated, marketed, managed and liquidated a variety of assets, and introduced a significant recovery to the unsecured creditors.

US Bank vs. Travel Zone Appointed Receiver over one of the largest Arco gas station in North America located at Paris, CA. Managed and marketed the assets for sale, and facilitated the parties’ negotiation of a successful (and final) settlement.

US Bank vs. Pinnacle Realty, Inc Appointed Receiver over one of the largest Arco Gas Stations, C-Store and Truck Stop in North America. Oversaw operations, including but not limited to, monthly performance, gas supply and demand, pricing, security, tax reporting and liabilities, and liens’ monitoring. Facilitated and assisted in a successful multi-party final settlement.

F&M vs. August Edward Borges Appointed Receiver over agricultural assets. Successfully marketed and liquidated all assets. Exceeded creditor’s expectations.

Modesto Gas Station and C-Store Engaged as an Asset Manager by a private equity fund. Managed and stabilized the asset’s operations. Assisted in marketing and the successful liquidation of all assets.

American Pacific Corporation Appointed as a Chapter 7 Trustee; administered case for over 2 years (case converted from Ch-11). A complex bankruptcy case with variety of assets nationwide. Collected and distributed over $32 million to the unsecured creditors.

Citi Bank vs. Campaige Place Appointed Receiver over a tax credit, low income, highly regulated facility.

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