First Business Credit Score Reports for Cannabis Industry Officially Launch From CTrust

“Credit-Scoring System Yields Unprecedented Level of Transparency, Benefiting Financial Institutions, Investors and Cannabis Business Owners ——- CTrust, the first and only cannabis business credit scoring and risk monitoring agency, announced today the beta launch of its cannabis credit scoring platform, now available to financial institutions, investors and business owners.”

New Era for Pot Regulation Leaves Old Problem: Many Cannabis Companies Can’t Find a Bank

LOS ANGELES (AP) — The Biden administration’s move to reclassify marijuana as a less dangerous but still controlled drug was hailed as a monumental step in reshaping national policy. But it might do little to ease a longstanding problem in the cannabis industry — a lack of loans, checking accounts and banking services that other businesses take for granted.

Green Check, CTrust and Whitney Economics Partner to Produce Report on Cannabis Debt Financing

Green Check (GC), the leading fintech connector, and technology and insights provider in the emerging cannabis market, today announced it has partnered with CTrust, the first credit scoring and monitoring agency for cannabis businesses, and Whitney Economics, a global leader in cannabis and hemp business consulting, data and economic research, to produce a new research report examining cannabis debt and equity financing.

Assessing the Value of Distressed Assets

New investment in the cannabis industry has slowed due to a combination of stifling regulations, economic uncertainty, lack of access to capital, and restrictive banking options. Nevertheless, skilled investors still can capitalize on opportunities arising from this uncommon convergence of market conditions.

The Distressed State Of Maturing Cannabis And The Prescription For Recovery

Cannabis businesses in survival mode must identify their core competencies and streamline operations to stay solvent and restore trust. The legacy cannabis market is in distress. To bring it back from the brink, lenders and operators need transparent evaluations and rapid action to preserve value, overcome obstacles and survive.

The Next Cannabis Industry Problem To Solve: Credit Ratings

Credit ratings for cannabis companies are essential because equity financing has become increasingly challenging to obtain. Correspondingly, tightening credit standards will likely cause debt to become more expensive or unavailable for poorly rated companies.