Cannabis Businesses

Our team at CTrust has over 50 years of combined experience working with the cannabis industry. We understand the challenges and obstacles you face as operators in a highly regulated industry with limited access to traditional sources of capital. That’s why we created the Cannabis Trust Score (CTS) for YOU.  

We want to empower YOU by using the CTS to better understand the factors impacting your risk profile with banks and lenders. Why is this important? Because by understanding how financial institutions view risk, you can create an improvement plan that mitigates that risk in order to secure optimal lending rates, lines of credit, and other banking services.

Financial Challenges for Cannabis Businesses In Today’s Market

What is CTrust?

CTrust is the first and only cannabis credit rating and risk monitoring agency and we have built a proprietary Cannabis Trust Score (CTS) exclusively for the cannabis industry that brings transparency, accessibility, and accountability to cannabis financing.

Currently, lenders do not have the essential tools to help them better understand their risk when lending to cannabis–related businesses, so interest rates are priced to protect themselves from that risk.

Our solution offers a complete picture of a cannabis operation’s financial and operational health. This will create an environment in which they can easily shop for fair rates and terms for loans.

The best time to be approved for capital is before you need it! Take this time to better understand your business’s financial and operational well-being and help and set yourself up for future success.

To be eligible to receive a FREE CTS, you must have:

Valid state cannabis license

12+ months of operational data

While not required, the process goes faster if you are part of the Green Check Marketplace.

Our algorithm accounts for more than 1,700 touch points across 42 business categories, such as business operations processes, accounting and financials, products and services, management and culture, and branding and public relations. These touch points roll up to three broad categories Asset, Structure, and Character.

Requests are processed in the order received. Your CTS is typically available within 30 days (about 3-4 weeks). However, complex cases may take longer.

No. You decide if you want to share your CTS and must give CTrust permission to do so.

CTrust has a familiar score range of 200 to 800, where the higher the score, the lower the credit risk. While each lender determines their own risk categories, our scoring range is designed to provide guidance.

Score factors are provided with your CTS to explain how items in your credit report influenced the score. These can help you understand which items had the greatest impact. 

If you would like to discuss the contributing factors of your score you can contact us at: [email protected]

The CTS bridges the trust gap between lenders and cannabis-related businesses by providing lenders with an additional data point when doing due diligence, allowing them to confidently create terms commensurate with the risk.

The CTS allows cannabis-related businesses to shop for better debt terms, avoid high priced lending and increase success in securing financing by providing full transparency to banks and lenders.

Obtaining your CTS+ Report is FREE to all licensed cannabis operators.

Contact us at: [email protected]