Cannabis Credit Rating &
Risk Monitoring Agency

Cannabis Credit Rating & Risk Monitoring Agency

We are the next generation of cannabis business intelligence.

We’ve developed a proprietary algorithm to evaluate and score the creditworthiness of Cannabis Related Businesses, addressing the issue of data driven risk assessment in cannabis investing. Unlike traditional credit rating firms, CTrust offers a credit score (CTS) exclusively for the cannabis sector. Our platform continuously evaluates and monitors credit risk, ensuring sustainability for CRBs and offering risk mitigation tools for industry financiers. 

Empowering the global cannabis community with essential data and insight.


Comprehensive Analysis. Unprecedented Transparency. Optimized Capital Access.


Access to capital has never been more critical in the cannabis industry than it is today.

For Cannabis-Related Businesses

Comprehensive Credit Reports to Optimize Capital Access

Understand your business risk profile to create an improvement plan and secure optimal capital lending rates and lines of credit.
Our Cannabis Trust Score (CTS) and report empowers cannabis-related businesses by offering lenders a new level of transparency and understanding of financial health and risk, enabling lenders to offer more competitive rates. 
By standardizing risk evaluation methods for cannabis-related businesses, our CTS can lower capital costs and fuel growth.
Get your free credit score today and position your business for success.

For Investors & Financial Institutions

Data-Driven Risk Assessment for Cannabis Investing

The Cannabis Trust Score (CTS) provides your financial institution with insights into cannabis-related businesses to help power banking services like loans and lines of credit.

Our business intelligence and data-driven analysis can inform your investment decisions and provide insight into mergers and acquisitions.

Traditional risk assessment tools overlook critical areas like compliance and operational risk unique to cannabis-related businesses. 

Our proprietary CTS and report incorporates data from 1,700+ correlation points across 42 unique business categories in 3 principle areas—asset, structure and character.

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